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100% Organic Balsamic Vinegar with Pomegranate

Olive Crate

100% Organic Balsamic Vinegar with Pomegranate

$ 19.00

One of our best sellers! After centuries of working the land in the most blessed part of Greece, one lesson rises to the top: 

The best vinegar comes from the best organic ingredients. Ripe St George's grapes with the fresh sweet tartness of pomegranate.

Blended together to make a truly rare and great tasting balsamic vinegar. Perfect for glazing ducklamb or pork but also as a marinade for choice cuts of beef.

Goodness in, Goodness out!


Pair this vinegar with our own Kores Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil to liven up salads with tangy cheeses and toasted nuts.

Whoa! Delicious!!!